Wedding Photography and Videography

You probably landed on this webpage because you are searching among marketplaces like Bark or Fiverr to see if you could get quality photo & video coverage of your event at affordable prices. The answer is yes!

Affordable wedding photography and videography Austin

Best Wishes!

We believe that your moments of celebration are special, and it is an honor for me to capture your unforgettable moments.

Affordable Wedding Photography and Videography Austin, Texas

Wedding Photography and Videography Austin

Let me walk you thru

You need to be what we call: “the producer” and assume or, delegate to a friend, some responsibilities regarding logistics & planning. Which you already are doing cuz, for sure you are not hiring a wedding planner, lol!!! If you are, it is ok.

With me, but, paying commission to planners or venues is not included!!!. And just to conclude with the nots: I will never show anybody or answer any question regarding vaccination status or being ask to wear a mask.

Let’s circle back to logistics & planning: our budget, dear “the producer” is limited, you aim for the low thousands and like I said: “it can be done” you may need to sacrifice some moments and make some phone calls, maybe arrange.

For a guest to drive me around or wait for my arrival from the preparation shoots, so I arrive safely to the ceremony prior to the bride & groom with time to arrange cameras. I do not do the Paparazzi style… and you don’t need to have.

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Every moment of the day covered, let me put an example: On the day the bride will get ready at her parents house in East Cesar Chavez, but the groom is at Round Rock: Houston we have….a problem!! You get my point?.

I don’t bring a second shooter, it is not in the budget!! I bring a car and an assistant, and he is in charge of the safety of my equipment, charging batteries and the sorts. So you may not need the groom getting ready. I rest my case.

So if you are still interested in hiring my services, you can keep on reading or just call me 737 230 1536 or message me at

It is your day!!!

Affordable Wedding Photography and Videography Packages

Austin Wedding Photographer / Austin Wedding Videography


Wedding Packages

Let’s keep on with the sell pitch, so if you are planning your own wedding, you are doing it in the Austin area (30 miles radius), with a small guest list (20-100) and you assume the producer role, we are in business:


Wedding Photography

$ 3,000 USD


Wedding Photography

$ 3,500 USD


Wedding Videography

$ 5,000 USD


Wedding Photography and Videography

$ 6,000 USD

To reserve your date a non refundable 500 USD deposit is needed.

1 month previous to the wedding is the first payment of 50% (minus deposit) the second 50% must be paid the latest the day of the wedding.

We will be signing contract on the date of the first payment.

Expect 2 weeks for delivery.

I like to meet couples the day of the deposit, this is a good opportunity to do an icebreaker hour session that could be discounted from the coverage of your package.

Call me 737 230 1536 or email me

Wedding Photography and Videography


We show you some of our previous wedding photography and videography work.
It is your day!!!

That’s right!!!! And you deserve to have it your way!.

Affordable Wedding Photography and Videography Austin, Texas

We can make your dream come true


Nicolás Jack

Hola, let me introduce myself, Nicolás Jack Cavanilles Walker is my full given name, born 52 years a go in California, son of a Spanish doctor and an English nurse.

Bought my first camera at 16, I still have it, at 19 already knew my goal was to become a professional, by 20 I was already working in the most important production company in Spain, it helps when Papa is the doctor of the owner, but from then on was all my merit.

Climbed the ladder and by 25 I was freelancing all over Spain as a commercial film director.

For sure you have heard the expression:”He died from success” Lol! At 29 I was already sick of all the shenanigans of that rat race. I left, landed in the Mexican Mayan Riviera and started from scratch. It took me another 10 years, did tourism videos, webpages, portraits, you name it!. Internet just started, I mean: blogs, digital photographic affordable equipment capable of simulating film, they where pumping new industries and voila!!! The Mayan Riviera was one of the top wedding destinations and looked booming and relatively free to move, did it for 4 years, +20 weddings and left again for the same reason I left Spain and advertising industry.

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From the Caribbean, went to Puebla (2 hours from Mexico City) opened gallery studio and focused in art curating & consulting, portraiture and street photography.

Did it for another 10 years.

A good friend and partner offered me to go to Texas and help him open a business serving the car industry, and could move my practice here in the meanwhile, sounded perfect!!!! That was middle 2019….
You can imagine the rest.

So that’s why I am in Austin starting from scratch again! And having a blast!!!
I have been in the photographic trade for 33 years, can edit, retouch, shoot any type of photo/video. I own all equipment needed. I am new to the Austin area and seeking to establish professional practice as portraiture and event photographer.

All that combined gives me the ability to offer you professional quality service at promotional rates.

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